Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

Interactive design for global social change

The Challenge

Astraea is a donation-driven philanthropic organization working to advance LGBTQI human rights around the world. Their work is bold and passionate and deserved an innovative website to match. Due to lengthy content and dense levels of navigation, Astraea’s old website failed to tell their story or communicate their legacy of global advocacy. A lack of human warmth, no sense of urgency, and little inspiration to join and support Astraea’s cause were all challenges for Lousch to tackle.


Our Solution

Lousch created a website that showcases the people and work of Astraea through a central interactive map. This tool allows people to explore the many locations and issues Astraea is working and connects all content back to global activism. Lousch also streamlined page structure and simplified navigation to help donors and grant seekers follow an intuitive flow through the website. The redesign covered the following:   

  • Interactive Map that is one part storytelling, allowing users to explore the people impacted by Astraea’s support, and one part database, chronicling organizations, events, and people throughout Astraea’s history.
  • Simplified navigation supported by clean layouts and legible pages that presents the important information easily to people.
  • The use of photography and video to showcase the real people creating change in an effort to inspire others to join.
  • Encouraging support actions such as donating or joining events with impact stories to fuel the energy of the site.