Blue Harbour Group

Conveying a financial expert’s unique value proposition through rich visual language and modern website design.

The Challenge

Blue Harbor Group, a private equity firm, was in need of enhancements to their information organization and visual design. Utilizing the website as both a tool to connect with clients and promote their professional image, BHG required a digital platform with excellent usability augmented by fresh style and branding. Along with this the website needed to appeal to and meet the differing needs of BHG’s distinct audiences.


Our Solution

Lousch applied a comprehensive redesign methodology that included improving information architecture and navigation while implementing a professional design facelift. The end result is a website that serves both in functionality and aesthetic enjoyment for users and stakeholders.

  • Updated logo, fonts, and colors that culminate into a refreshed brand and website.
  • Personalized content delivery that displays the most relevant content to the specific type of user, thus improving usability and engagement.
  • SEC-complaint that uses a self-identifying system to prevent specific audiences from viewing content, such as testimonials, that are against government regulations.
  • Integrated Investor’s Portal with sophisticated document access control to fit the needs of the individual user.