The Clearing House Annual Conference

Building the voice of the American banking industry

The Challenge

Each year The Clearing House hosts the banking industry's premier conference in New York City as part of a strategy to become the voice of the banks. To promote and facilitate the event, TCH required an accompanying website and print collateral.


Our Solution

Lousch’s extensive experience with the financial industry allowed us to develop a complete style framework that balances modern design with traditional values. We applied this look and feel across mediums for a unified conference brand that appealed to the professional aesthetics of the industry while standing out as sharp and modern. The result was an increase of attendance and success of the conference. Our work included:

  • Conference microsite that connects with the existing TCH brand, but stands out as new and modern.
  • Promotional mailers utilizing the new branding intended to inspire conference attendance.
  • Conference invites showcasing TCH’s banking expertise through sharp design.